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I have always needed an outlet for the stories I create and children’s books are a natural medium for the stories I find in everyday life. I love the eccentricities in children’s books and how much detail they add to the book for the reader. I enjoy teaching moral lessons within my stories that people of all ages can understand and appreciate. These are a few of the children’s books I have worked on. 

The Sloth King is a story based around the idea of doing the right thing, even when no one notices. The main character, the Sloth King continuously goes out of his way to make the other sloths lives better, even though they are too lazy to notice. It is up to the Sloth King to come to terms with the fact that helping people is important and their praise and acceptance shouldn’t be the main factor in doing the right thing.

The Syllabubs follows the story of two large, gentle creatures, a father and his daughter. The Syllabubs have to upheave their life and move to a new village filled with Erklings; small, mean creatures who are judgemental and scared of the Syllabubs, thinking they will eat them. This causes Mr Syllabub to worry for his daughter Lemon, and question himself. He must come to terms with who he is and what other people think of him.

Faun Boy follows the story of the title character, who lives in a world of normal people where his amazingly different traits are at the forefront of his mind all the time. He constantly worries about his differences and what they mean for him as a person. The story highlights the importance of differences and why they should be celebrated.

I constantly love drawing obscure characters that I think of, and then strive to find their story afterwards. These characters can come from a simple detail I wanted to draw or based on a theme I want to explore and is then expanded upon until a three dimensional character exists. Here are some examples of these characters.

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